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In Celebration of Our Students of the Month


April 2022 Student of the Month – Gavin

Gavin is a very kind person, and an excellent student. He gives his all, and works hard to do his best! It is a pleasure to have him in class, and his art work makes me smile every day!!!

April 2022 Student of the Month – Weston

Weston is a responsible student, helpful to others, and pleasant all-around. He also a fun sense of humor. Weston has been a welcome addition to the 8th grade class this year.
March 2022 SOTM

March 2022 Student of the Month – Avery

“Avery is a very good student.  She is always ready to learn and participates in class activities.  She is kind and helpful to her classmates. She is a good citizen too. She picks up trash on the playground and is very helpful to everyone.  ~Ms. Grantham ”

March 2022 Student of the Month – Caliyah

Caliyah is a hard-working student. She is also a thoughtful and kind person.She looks out for her classmates and is a friend to everyone. ~Ms. Kennedy
SOTM Feb 2022

February 2022 Student of the Month – Madi

“Madi is an engaged student in the classroom who puts a lot of detail into her work. She asks great questions, thinks broadly, and maintains an open and inquisitive perspective. Madi has a positive attitude and is a kind friend to her classmates. Additionally, she is an incredibly talented artist! ”

February 2022 Student of the Month – Autumn

“Autumn is always a kind and helpful student. She is always following directions and always does her best. Autumn represents our school by following the 3 rules of conduct. 1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself,.2. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. 3. Respect all school property. We are very happy that Autumn is a representative of our school.”
SOTM January 2022

January 2022 Student of the Month – Isabelle

“Isabelle was nominated because she is responsible and hardworking (always gets her work done and doesn’t give up in the face of challenging work). She is caring and kind (is careful of what she says and sticks up for people when others are not being kind). She is trustworthy and almost always has a smile on her face.”

January 2022 Student of the Month – Brandon

“Brandon is kind, very helpful, and has a positive attitude. He has shown increased maturity this year and is a good role model to younger students.”

December 2021 Student of the Month – Emma

“Emma is a hardworking student in groups, is always smiling, helpful and positive. Emma is very polite and shows respect to her peers and her teachers.”

December 2021 Student of the Month – Vince

“Vince gets right to work, stays focused and gets along well with his classmates.”
Nov SOTM Emerson and Makenzee

November 2021 Student of the Month – Emerson

“Emerson consistently is a role model for kindness, on task every day, kind-hearted and works hard. He listens well to instruction and puts forth the effort!”

November 2021 Student of the Month – Makenzee

“Makenzee is a hard-working student; she asks good questions and stays focused until she is satisfied with her work. She is also very kind to others and always pleasant to be around.”
Devin and Brandon - October SOTM

October 2021 Student of the Month – Devin

“Devin has done a great jon this semester in not only getting engaged, but also staying engagedin our daily learning activities.” 
~Ms. Christian

October 2021 Student of the Month – Brandon

“Brandon is a respectful, kind and intelligent student.  He is polite and friendly to everyone, always helpful and smiles often.  Brandon is very deserving of the Student of the Month Award” 
~Ms. Kennedy
Cota-Sept SOTM
Hope-Sept SOTM

September 2021 Student of the Month – Cota

“Cota has shown remarkable improvements in behavior and work ethics this year. He is thoughtful and kind to others and listens to and follows direction well. He is displaying great character!” 
~Mr. Zink

September 2021 Student of the Month – Hope

“Hope is a hard worker, great thinker, and all around excellent student. She is also considerate and patient with others. Her contagious and positive attitude is much appreciated!”
~Ms. Kennedy