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In Celebration of Our Students of the Month

Shilo and Alexis - December 2022 SOTM

January 2023 Students of the Month

Charlotte & Tanner

Charlotte Mazzone – Our first ever preschool student of the month. Charlotte is always willing to help and she is very polite to all her friends and teachers.

Tanner Mitchell is in 6th grade. He is always on task, is always very polite; oftentimes being the first to volunteer to help out. He also gets along well with his peers, an all-around great student.

Shilo and Alexis - December 2022 SOTM

December 2022 Students of the Month

Shilo and Alexis

I nominate Shiloh Land.  He has come a very long way since the beginning of the school year. He follows directions well, is polite, and shows care for others.   – Mr. Hearn, PE teacher

Alexis Alexander always tries her best, she works hard to be a team player. She is always encouraging and compassionate to her classmates.  – Ms. Cauthen, Music teacher

Stetson Nathan Nov 2022 SOTM

November 2022 Students of the Month

Stetson and Nathan

Stetson Sandall is new to our school and community and is a model student. He is an excellent role model for our kids, always gets his homework done and is pleasant and respectful. – Mr. Zink-fourth grade teacher

Nathan Kelly: Nathan is a very hard worker, he displays great perseverance, engagement, responsibility and always has a great attitude. -Ms. Cauthen (music teacher) and Ms. Kennedy (Middle School ELA)

Kinley and Freya - Oct SOTM

October 2022 Students of the Month – Kinlee and Freya

Congratulations Kinlee and Freya! “Freya is always ready to help, engaged during instruction time and a polite and kind young lady”   -Mrs. Grantham 
“Kinlee is doing a great job in 5th grade! Always on task, always doing what is right”   -Mrs. Beatty

Tenley SOTM September 2022

September 2022 Student of the Month – Tenley

Tenley is a new student to our school this year and we are more than happy to have her here! She is a diligent, hard-working student, contributes insightful comments in class, and holds herself and others to high expectations. In addition, she is friendly, positive, and has an engaging personality.  Tenley demonstrates many admirable characteristics making her a great selection for our Student of the Month!