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Maine School uses Engage New York for instruction in Reading, grammar and writing skills, and Spelling. This series provides various themes throughout the year which incorporate lessons based on Science and Social Studies topics.



Math is taught using the Engage New York series. This Math series is closely aligned with the Arizona standards and provides a solid base of Math, preparing students for Arizona’s annual AZ Merit tests.


Social Studies

Harcourt Brace Social Studies, is the guide for the study of geography, history, people and social issues of the world around us.  Students in 4th grade have a specific focus on the state of Arizona, the history of its native people, the geological history, and its statehood since 1912. Fourth graders use Arizona! by Gibbs-Smith Publishers.


Harcourt Science from Harcourt School Publishers is the Science text that is used at Maine School. This text provides authentic hands-on experiences in Science, leading students to a thorough understanding of the scientific process and important scientific concepts.

“Arizona has defined what its children need to know and be able to do in ten content areas: mathematics, reading, writing, science, social studies, fine arts, comprehensive health, technology, foreign language, and workplace skills,” (Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards .)

Differentiated instruction and a solid curriculum for core subjects based on the Arizona standards for Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, are integral to academics. A wide range of study in physical education, health, the arts, and technology, provide a well-rounded learning experience for students at Maine School.

The Maine School curriculum is aligned with the Arizona Standards. The following is a list of textbooks used to guide instruction and provide quality learning.

All curriculum used at Maine School can be reviewed at any time.  If you would like to look at the textbooks and materials used, please call the district office to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher.