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2021 September

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Did You Know?

  • You can click on the events in the calendar above to find out pertinent information.
  • All our staff have their own profile pages in the Staff Directory. Profiles share information  about the staff member and information about the classes they teach.
  • We have a Gallery of Special Moments to share with you!


Our Mission / Vision

Maine Consolidated School District is dedicated to achieving educational excellence for all.

Through high expectations, the development of lifelong learning habits, promoting active parental involvement, and quality professional development; we enable our students to embrace the change, growth, and opportunities for achievement in the diverse world of their future, and thereby become productive and successful citizens.

AZ M2 Smart Goals

MCSD students will increase from 40% to 50% on AZM2 ELA Assessment by April 2022.

MCSD students will increase from 32% to 50% on AzM2 Math Assessment by April 2022.

  • Comprehensive tiered instruction in both ELA and math in the classroom; weekly observations providing immediate feedback
  • Curriculum analysis including the components of state standards, instructional elements and delivery; diagnostic screener, benchmark assessments and interventions
  • RTI/ MTSS focus with timely and purposeful interventions in ELA and Math for tier 1,2,3 groupings; progress monitor.
  • Social Emotional Learning is introduced, implemented, assessed and reflected with consideration of positive behavior and intervention supports within the curriculum

Parental Apps for Maine Consolidated School

For the 21-22 school year, we offer breakfast, lunch and snacks for the extended day care program free of charge. Adult lunch, $4.00

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