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Welcome to SY 2022-23 From the MCSD Staff

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Welcome to the 2022/2023 School Year!

Dr Justin RobersonGreetings and salutations! My name is Justin Roberson and I am the superintendent at Maine Consolidated. I am looking forward to our school year together!  For those who are returning, thank you for your continued commitment to excellence, and for those of you that this is your first year, welcome! If you have questions, or I can be of assistance, please feel free to contact me directly (928.606.8240) or the MCSD Front Office (928.635.2115) I look forward to working with you in the 2022-2023 school year. See you soon.  Kind regards, Justin Roberson - MCSD Superintendent

 Also, there are a couple of important changes with the upcoming school year:

  • All students no longer eat for free, prices and information are located on the website
  • EDCP (before and after school care) will be from 7-8am and 3:30-5pm this year
  • No Friday Care


Our Mission / Vision

Maine Consolidated School District is dedicated to achieving educational excellence for all.

Through high expectations, the development of lifelong learning habits, promoting active parental involvement, and quality professional development; we enable our students to embrace the change, growth, and opportunities for achievement in the diverse world of their future, and thereby become productive and successful citizens.

AASA Smart Goals

MCSD students will increase from 44% to 54% on AASA ELA Assessment by April 2023.

MCSD students will increase from 32% to 42% on AASA Math Assessment by April 2023.

  • Standards-based instruction in both ELA and math in the classroom; weekly observations providing immediate feedback
  • Standards focus within curriculum; essential elements of instruction; DIBELS; utilized with fidelity
  • RTI/ MTSS focus with timely and purposeful interventions in ELA and Math for tier 1,2,3 groupings; progress monitor.
  • Social Emotional Learning implemented based on student need, assessed and reflected with positive behavior and intervention supports within the curriculum
  • Consistency with grading and homework expectations
  • Incorporate SMART goals setting in the classroom and recognizing mastery and improvement

Meal Price Changes for SY 2022-23

Breakfast : $3.25
Lunch: $4.75 (increase of $0.15

Breakfast: $1.50
Lunch: $3.25 (increase of $0.15)

Breakfast : $0.30
Lunch: $0.40

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Current Salaried and Volunteer Vacancies

Apply to become part of the MCSD team.  View our listings here.


september, 2022

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