Maine Consolidated School
Maine Consolidated School

Susan Crouse

Maine Consolidated School

2nd Grade Teacher

My name is Susan Crouse, and I teach Second Grade at Maine. I have taught both Second and Fourth here, and third and a 2/3 combo class for the Cottonwood Oak Creek School District. I have my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, and 12 credits towards my Master’s in Early Elementary Education both from Northern AZ University.  In addition, I have 18 hours of certification in Elementary Art Education.

My focus in education is a wholistic one.  I believe that when we teach the whole child, we teach them how to be learners for their whole life, not just for the grade.  I feel inspired by the curiosity and honesty  that children naturally share in the classroom.  My goal is always to harness that natural curiosity for learning, and hitch it onto the standards and mandates before us. By integrating art, and science into learning other content areas, learning can come to life in a creative way,  and engage the students in their own learning experience.   That is where magic happens! 

I am a mother of 4 sons, and a Nana to 3 beautiful grandsons.  I have been married for 38 years to the love of my life Joe.  Together, we are birders, hikers, travelers, and lovers of cooking together in our kitchen for the family.

Maine School is a little treasure in the pines!  I love our school and have enjoyed the 18 years of employment here.

P: (928) 635-2115 EX: 106