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Maine Consolidated School

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Location: Maine Consolidated School District
Date: June 13-23 (two four day weeks)
Time: 8am-2:30pm (breakfast starts at 7:30am)
Meals and transportation will be provided
Grades: k-8 (school year 21-22 grade)

Mustang Summer Camp Adventure

Campers will experience a standards -based, enrichment camp full of adventure. The 8 day, 7 hour a day camp will take standards that students were not proficient with during the school year and provide differentiate instruction through experiential learning to master those standards. Pre and post formative data on those standards will be tracked and students will be provided additional skill support through the IXL program to supplement the activities at school. Students will also receive weekly lessons to support social-emotional learning through the Second Step Program. Two professional development days will enhance effective instruction and directly impact student achievement and combat disrupted learning.