Maine Consolidated School
Maine Consolidated School
Phyllis Fielde

Phyllis Fielder

Maine Consolidated School

Food Director

I was born in Louisiana, been married 51 years to my high school boy friend.  I have 2 daughters, 9 grandkids, and 3 great grandsons.  I have been in Arizona since 2004. I have worked at Maine school since 2005.  I started out as the custodian and moved on to Cafeteria.  I try to feed the students meals that are healthy and will help their minds and bodies grow.

P: (928) 635-2115 EX:121

Maine School participates in a traditional school lunch program that is federally subsidized. We offer breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the Extended Day Care Program for free.

If you would like to eat lunch with your child, please let the cafeteria know about it at least one (1) day ahead of time. Adult lunches: $4.00