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News for MCSD Familes

Update Tax Credit Form

We have updated the Arizona state tax credit information letter and posted it to the website.
Just a reminder, the due date for submission used to be December 31 of the tax filing year. Now, you can do a tax credit up to April 15, 2022 for Tax Year 2021.
The school benefits and you get back 100% when you file.

Aggregate Expenditure Limit

We need State legislature to approve an override of the Aggregate Expenditure Limit or we are in danger of losing $399,672 from this year’s M&O budget.  Download the spreadsheet so that you can see the actual cuts that Arizona districts are facing, however you can imagine what it would be for us to lose $399,672 (nearly half our teacher salary budget) of a total M&O Budget of $2,541,704.  That is a 15.7% cut.  That is for this year alone, and it is possible that if the legislature does not override this that it will continue with cuts in future years as well.

Aggregate Expenditure FAQs

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