Maine-Consolidated-Mustangs smallMaine Consolidated School District is dedicated to achieving educational excellence for all.

Through high expectations, the development of lifelong learning habits, promoting active parental involvement, and quality professional development; we enable our students to embrace the change, growth, and opportunities for achievement in the diverse world of their future, and thereby become productive and successful citizens.

Superintendent Letter
Welcome to SY 2023-24. Watch here for updates.
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Dear Maine Consolidated Families:

Earlier this week the Arizona Department of Education released the 2022-23 A-F School Letter Grades for all public schools statewide. These reports provide information about student achievement and growth, as well as other key areas of interest to families and the general public. A-F Letter Grades are awarded to Arizona school districts yearly.

We are proud of the daily efforts of our dedicated staff to provide our diverse students with meaningful learning experiences and the support needed, we are encouraged by the growth made by many of our students. While we are seeing many positive trends in the data, it is clear that we have much work to do to ensure our students achieve their full potential. There are a number of areas where our students performed well, at the same time there are areas where we can improve.

Maine Consolidated School District A-F 2022 School Letter Grade: A (total points 89.29)

As a district, our focus is on continuous improvement and ensuring our students are prepared for their next educational endeavor. Our focus moving forward is on accelerated learning across our grade levels and school. Maine Consolidated teachers and staff are ready and driven to ensure our students have the resources and support they need to truly flourish.


Thank you, families, teachers and staff for your continuous support; very proud to be a mustang!

If you have any questions, please let me know. or 928.606.8240.

Kind regards:

Dr. Justin Roberson
Maine Consolidated School District

smart goals

AASA Smart Goals


MCSD students will increase from 38% to 48% on AASA ELA Assessment by April 2024.


MCSD students will increase from 47% to 57% on AASA Math Assessment by April 2024.

This is how we will meet our goal:

  • Standards-based instruction in both ELA and math in the classroom; weekly observations providing immediate feedback
  • Standards focus within curriculum; essential elements of instruction; DIBELS; utilized with fidelity
  • RTI/ MTSS focus with timely and purposeful interventions in ELA and Math for tier 1,2,3 groupings; progress monitor.
  • Social Emotional Learning implemented based on student need, assessed and reflected with positive behavior and intervention supports within the curriculum
  • Consistency with grading and homework expectations
  • Incorporate SMART goals setting in the classroom and recognizing mastery and improvement
parental apps



  • Contact 928-635-2115 before beginning the registration process
  • Use your ParentVUE account to review your student’s information.


  • Log in to your current account or sign-up for a new account.

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What is Second Step? (SEL)

class dojo
New Menu posted weekly
Meal Prices
Adult, Child & Reduced for SY 2023-24
Wellness Policy
Goals for Nutrition & Physical Activity
Cereal, Yogurt, Fruit, Milk
Pancakes, Turkey Sausage, Fruit, Milk
Muffin, Hash Browns, Fruit, Milk
Biscuit/Gravy, Hard Boiled Egg, Fruit, Milk
Spaghetti, Green Beans, Dinner Roll, Fruit, Milk
Mac & Cheese, Salad, Fruit, Milk
Turkey/Cheese Sandwich, Cucumber Slices, Fruit, Milk
Hamburger, Fries, Fruit, Milk


Holiday Movie Night – Wednesday, December 13th @ 5-7pm in the gym
End of 2nd quarter – Thursday, December 14th
Winter Spirit Week – Monday, December 18th – Thursday, December 21st
Winter Program – Wednesday, December 20th @ 6:00 pm in the gym
Christmas Break – Monday, December 25th – Thursday, January 4th

The kitchen manager may change the menu as necessary. The menu is an important method of communication with students, faculty and parents. Menus will be issued weekly.
Health and nutrition are alive at Maine School!!! Every breakfast includes a FRUIT AND MILK and every lunch includes a FRUIT, VEGETABLE AND MILK.

Meal Prices


Breakfast : $3.25
Lunch: $4.75


Breakfast: $1.50
Lunch: $3.25


Breakfast : $0.30
Lunch: $0.40

Free language assistance, auxiliary aids, and/or accommodations are available upon request

Wellness Policy Goals Goal for Nutritional Promotion: The school district encourages students to participate in appropriate meal programs with the menus posted to the district website each week. The school district also encourages both staff and students to be actively engaged in the school garden and other local events when appropriate (county fair, local farms, etc.). Students will not be permitted to bring soda, energy drinks, or other drinks high in sugar and/or caffeine. Unopened confiscated beverages will be returned at the end of the school day, and replaced with a more appropriate beverage from the cafeteria.
Goal for Nutrition Education: Nutrition education will be taught based on the current standards to all students, kindergarten – 8th grade. Nutrition education is to be included in both health and physical education classes along with other subjects, such as math, science, language arts, and social sciences. Through teaching and through example, staff will cover a variety of nutrition topics with students throughout the year, including the importance of breakfast and water consumption, eating a variety of foods each day, choosing foods with little added sugar, and more.

To read our entire Wellness Policy, Click Here

Arizona State Tax Credit

Arizona State Tax Credit

Donations to Public School have always been tax deductible. The law allows a tax credit which is subtracted from the amount of taxes you owe.
Assessment Parent Guide

Assessment Parent Guide

Statewide Assessments show how well schools are teaching and how well students are learning. Learn more here.

11dec5:00 pmRegular Board Meeting5PM in Mary Beam Building Library

13dec5:00 pmHoliday Movie Night5-7PM in the Gym. Free Admission

20dec6:00 pmWinter Program6PM in the Gym

25decAll DayWinter BreakMerry Christmas!

01janAll DayWinter BreakHappy New Year!

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Maine-Consolidated-Mustangs smallStaff Logins

A policy is a statement of intent and is implemented as a
procedure or protocol at MCSD school.

Maine-Consolidated-Mustangs smallStaff Documents

A policy is a statement of intent and is implemented as a
procedure or protocol at MCSD school.

Maine-Consolidated-Mustangs smallProfessional Learning Webinars

Webinars to assist our certified staff in teaching methods.

Maine-Consolidated-Mustangs smallProfessional Learning Webinars

Webinars to assist our certified staff in teaching methods.