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Arizona Cardinals to host a special “Back to School” night

On September 15th, the Arizona Cardinals will host a special “Back to School” night during our home game against the LA Rams. We are inviting schools across the state to participate in this unique fundraising event. Here’s how it works:

Fundraising Details:

  • Each school will receive a dedicated ticket portal link to share with faculty, coaches, parents, and the community.
  • For every ticket sold through the portal, your school will earn $10 in fundraiser money.
  • Schools can use these funds to support sports teams, clubs, or any school-related activities.
For all you football fans out there, tickets to the LA Rams game September 15 also serves as a fundraiser at our school. Support the team and give a little something back to the school. Tell friends and family as well. For every ticket purchased and registered with our school we get $10.


How it Works: Choose the section where you’d like to be seated. Once you have the seats you like, go ahead and process the payments. After purchasing, $10 of each ticket sold will be donated to Maine Consolidated School.

Ticket Delivery: Tickets Arrive instantaneously into a SeatGeek account with the email you use to purchase. If you don’t have a SeatGeek account, one will be created for you upon purchase. You will receive an email from SeatGeek/Project Admission with instructions to access your tickets through your Arizona Cardinals SeatGeek account.