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Board Meeting

Board Meeting
Music Room
July 14, 2021

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Board Members in Attendance: Scott McClung, Brienne McDowell, Kirsten Ironside, Raena Woods (via phone), and Katie Cloud.
Minutes by: Kayla Besler Added: Melanie Velazco (via phone)

Start Time: 4:01

  • 1. Call to Order:
    • a. Scott McClung called the meeting to order.
  • 2. Adoption of the Agenda:
    • a. Motion to adopt the agenda by Katie Cloud and seconded by Kirsten Ironside. 5-0 motion carries.
  • 3. Pledge of Allegiance
  • 4. Moment of Silence
  • 5. Information and discussion items: (No action taken)
    • a. Governing Board Members
    • b. Parent concern on opening school with few to no mitigations strategies
      • i. Scott McClung alerted the board that there are at least two families and probably more that are objecting to dropping mask protocols. They want the protocols to stay in place until children can be vaccinated. Scott explained to them Ducey’s stance and that he made it so schools could not mandate masks. These families are talking about taking their students out of public school and starting having them be home schooled. Melanie Velazco stated that she had recently taken a legislative course and that a recent house bill states that schools cannot mandate masks. Scott McClung asks how we help those families and he wants to know how wide spread this stance on masks is in the community. Doc is going to suggest to Justin to run reports on how the county is holding with cases. Ironside says according to her work with NAU that there can be no mandate on masks.
  • 6. Call to the Public
    • a. Pete Asmus asks what the difference between this meeting and the last meeting He expressed his confusion, thinking he was not able to speak at this meeting, as it was not the monthly standard meeting. He also asks if any parent can ask to speak to the board and ask for a topic to be put on the agenda. Pete talks on the topic that people in the school community are getting hateful, anonymous text messages and that it should be stopped.
      • i. The board vocally agrees with this last statement made from Pete Asmus.
    • b. Mike Tamburello says that the budget is a hot topic and suggests that the public have a more clear view of the line items. He stated that he wrote a letter addressing the board (which he handed to Scott McClung. He states that Brienne McDowell had a valid question when asking the board to clarify the line items in the budget. He also gives thanks to Melanie Velazco for phoning in to clarify the line item.
      • i. Scott McClung states that the public needs to speak with legislature to fix the Transwestern issue with the state.
        • 1. Melanie Velazco then states that in the past week legislature has changed and that it should be fixed with Transwestern.
  • 7. Action Items:
    • a. Specific items of District business: Scott McClung makes the motion and Brienne McDowell seconds. 5-0 motion carries.
      • i. Consideration and adoption of accepted budget for SY 2021-2022.
        • 1. There was a question raised about the line items of the budget. Dr. Williams speaks on this and clarifies the items. The discrepancy was from Transwestern Union. The state makes these line items, and they are not easily read. Scott moves that we adopted the budget. Kirsten Ironside seconds. 5-0 motion passes.
  • 8. Requests for Future Agenda:
    • a. Nothing to add to the future agenda.
  • 9. Adjournment:
    • a. Scott McClung states that we need a motion to adjourn Brienne McDowell seconds it. 5-0 motion carries.
    • b. Adjourned at 4:18