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Special Board Meeting

Maine Consolidated School District #10
Special Board Meeting July 07, 2021

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  • Scott McClung called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. Kaitlin Cloud, Scott McClung, Brienne McDowell, Raena Woods and Kirsten Ironside were all present.
  • Brienne McDowell motioned to accept the agenda as presented. Raena Woods 2nd. Motion carries 5-0
  • The Pledge of Allegiance was said and a moment of silence observed.
  • Scott McClung introduce Dr. Justin Roberson to the rest of the board and explained to them the 0 process of the negotiations that took place between them.
  • Kirsten Ironside motioned to consider and approve the contract for new superintendent, Justin Roberson. Kaitlin Cloud 2nd the motion. Brienne McDowell asked that the board go into executive session to discuss the terms of the contract. It was agreed that they could not because the agenda was approved without executive session. 3-2 motion carries to approve the contract for Justin Roberson.
  • Kirsten Ironside motioned to adjourn at 5:26 pm. Raena Woods 2nd the motion. 5-0 motion carries.