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The Arizona Technology Education Standards are the guiding criteria for technology lessons at Maine School. In preparation for their futures, students must learn how to effectively apply the use of technology in their everyday work situations. The overriding goal of the Arizona Technology Education Standards is that  "technology will be seamlessly integrated" into the day-to-day work that students perform. This means that students will go to the computer (or other related technologies) to study, complete
classroom tasks, and find information as easily as they use pencil and paper or textbooks. 

Each class at Maine School, grades Kindergarten through Sixth grade, meet once a 
week for one hour in the computer lab for Technology lessons. Seventh grade Technology class meets twice a week. In order to meet the state's standards, we make every endeavor
to integrate the students' regular
classroom curriculum with their technology lessons. We use the print version of SRA's TechKnowledge ( 2004) as a tool for basic computer skills lessons. However, the majority of computer skills lessons are centered around the students' regular
classroom learning. Students apply their knowledge of computer applications directly to a learning task from their classroom curriculum in Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science.  Basic lessons in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software have a strong emphasis as applied to authentic student work.  Emphasis is also placed on the ethics and safety of computer and Internet use. Students are required to know, understand, and apply the  ethical and safety standards that are included in the school's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

As students complete various technology projects, their work will be posted on their 
own classroom's Web page. Please visit those pages to view student work in which technology played a part. 

 The following statement is an excerpt from 
    the Arizona State Standards for Technology
    Learning and Instruction:

    Technology Education Standards Rationale

Technology encompasses the tools and strategies  for solving problems, using information, increasing productivity and enhancing personal  growth. The word technology summons an image of a variety of tools ranging from shovels to gene splitters. When asked to develop the original Technology Standards, adopted in 1997, the Committee did so without the benefit of seeing the integration of various technologies into other curricular standards. Over the past years, significant advances in technology have occurred... The Revision Committee analyzed current research on technology skills important to business and industry. [They] reviewed technology that is currently integrated into other content area standards with the vision that as other standards are revised, technology will be seamlessly integrated. The goal is to help students live, learn and work successfully and responsibly in an increasingly complex, technology-driven society. [Arizona] Technology Standards are designed to provide foundational skills and processes that students need in order to work productively and creatively in their studies, at work, and at home. Research on the transfer of learning strongly supports the position that instruction and educational activities should closely parallel the final desired behavior. It is essential that technology instruction be an integral part of a student's educational experience. Education's role is to help students meet the challenge of  the future. 

    Technology is the application of tools to solve problems that extend human potential
    for the benefit of society

    If you would like to look at the Arizona State Standards for Educational Technology, please visit 
    the following link: 




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