Maine Consolidated School

10 Spring Valley Rd.    Parks, AZ   86018   
FAX: (928) 635-5320    PH: (928) 635-2115

Superintendent: Dr. Mark W. Williams


SEPT.11 thru SEPT.15

Please read the menu weekly, this will help keep you informed about events and information at Maine school.

If you have any messages for the menu, please send them to the office by Tuesday.   635-2115








  Cereal,   Boiled Egg,  Pears,   Milk                           

Pop Tarts,   Yogurt,  Peaches,   Milk


  Pancake on a Stick,   Applesauce,   Milk



Biscuit/Sausage Gravy,  Boiled Egg,   Orange Slices,  Milk

Muffin,   Sausage,   Mixed Fruit,   Milk



 Hamburger Gravy,  Rice,     Cauliflower,   Pears,   Milk


Corn Dog,             Ranch Beans,           Peaches,   Milk


Ham & Cheese Sandwich,   Tomato Slices,   Applesauce,   Milk

BBQ Chicken,         Mashed Potato/Gravy,   Roll,   Orange Slices,   Milk

  Cheeseburger,            Cole Slaw,  Mixed Fruit,   Milk        









The kitchen manager may change the menu as necessary. . The menu is an important method of communication with students, faculty and parents.  Menus will be issued weekly. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Health and nutrition are alive at Maine School!!! Every breakfast includes a fruit and milk and every lunch includes a fruit, vegetable and milk.


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